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Website Development

Your website is your business let us help make it work for you

The graphic Web design and overall aesthetic feel of the web site is crucial for creating a favorable impression of your business among the web site visitors. Web site design makes it possible to propose how your information is presented and what is the impression you make on your visitors. Things such as colors working well together, general layout & use of space, easy navigation, the page being sized appropriately for different screen resolutions and good integration make your site effective or ineffective. Accordingly, it attracts and keeps visitors on your web site, or it doesn't.

VanuaSoft Technology has talented web developer and web designer teams locally and internationally which are expert in PHP Programming, custom website design, web design service, flash web design, e-commerce website design. Our website designers are able make wonderful flash web design.

A well designed web site also helps you to increase revenues, decrease costs, and build higher relationships with customers and business associates. We feel that a customized web design must look professional, yet capture the appropriate appearance and character that best represent the organization. The VST team works with each client to create a complementary balance of information, images and dynamic multimedia Solutions to create a look that accurately reflects the goals set forth in the website designing Plan and high level of interaction to increase your competitive

Mobile Website Development/Responsive Web Design

As you know that there are more few thousand people who are using the mobile phones daily in Vanuatu and billions in the world mostly preferred the accessing of website through mobile phones because it is reliable for the viewers to view the website instantly anywhere in the world at any moment. While these numbers are astounding, the mobile web experience is yet to live up to its full potential as compared to the traditional web experience. We should have to be focused over mobile web browsing techniques also because then only anybody can visit our website with full comfort.

Mobile Site Designing is the best way to implement the mobile web browsing techniques because it is the design which we made is fitted to every browser used in mobile phones, even if you make the page as angular as the resolution of a mobile phone. As you may probably know mobile design is getting more and more popular day by day and almost every popular website and application offers the entire best mobile version now. So VST offers the affordable and result driven Mobile Site Designing services.

Web Development Technology

Our dedicated and experienced web development team who are proficient in developing database driven Internet / web development applications adds real-time processing and security to your PHP ASP e-commerce solutions, AJAX Programming, web design, graphic and multimedia interfaces for shopping carts, Integrate Flash animation and other applications using ASP Programming, PHP Programming, MYSQL, MS-SQL, cold fusion, ASP .NET & Ms-Access, XML/XSL WML, UML, WDDX, HTML, DHTML, UNIX Shell Programming. We are able to handle any programming work on system level too.

Operating Systems / Platforms

UNIX / Linux / MS Windows Server 2008-2012 / 95 / 98 / 2000 / XP / DOS / Win7 / Win8